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Sun, Jan. 29th, 2012, 07:38 pm
Once Upon a Time

I had such high hopes for this series- a modern look at fairy tales and how that happily ever after mentality that we get as kids (Thanks Disney) can be rectified in real life.
Sigh. Sadly it tis not to be. Once Upon a Time had some initially intriguing ideas- mainly about it's "evil" queen and her backstory but I find it now to be horribly bland with low quality effects and sub par acting (Which is weird because I've loved these actors in other shows...)
It seems to be a "monster of the week" type show, where we are introduced to a familiar character and then show their story via modern times while also showing how they got their from their fairytale origins. On paper that sounds pretty good. But it has become dull and predictable, the main characters are also very one note.
Comparing it to say Fables (which ironically this draws inspiration from) you see the intense difference between the characters- both of these stories has a simple plot, however Fables kept its characters interesting, giving them more depth and personality which kept you coming back and re- reading it over and over.
In Once Upon a Time we get hints of this, but it is mostly over shadowed by one noteism..... Snow is cheerful and kind, the prince is dashing and kind, Emma is good hearted, the Evil Queen is...evil...altho it seems more in a cartoony way and not at all like a evil "evil" villian.
I started off incredibly excited for this show, but I think that after tonights disapointment I will have to say adieu.

Sat, Nov. 21st, 2009, 02:46 am
Much Ado About Nothing

hello livejournal! Yes I have actually posted something (shocking I know). Hopefully soon I will be posting some of my HP stories, though it may have to wait until I've finished my exams.
Just thought I'd say hi :)